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Man to man conversation with SFM


The consultation is dedicated to your personal situation, willpower and goals. In addition, the degree of obstacles, problems or blockades that occurs during
your life has evolved also a role.

The biggest part is between your ears and what you radiate as a man. How you think about yourself, how you are in your own skin and how you feel daily.
Being satisfied with yourself and daring to present yourself strongly is therefore also of great importance to every person.
With the solutions we offer, it is important that we fully understand and assess your situation. And how we can best serve you.

Following the personal consultation we make a baseline measurement. From this, a customized advice is then rolled out. Our tailor-made advice consists of advice in the field of achieving personal goals, health, presentation, appearance and happiness in life.


This conversation is for you, if;

1. You are dissatisfied with your lifestyle and you want to live a healthier, more powerful and pleasant life.
2. You have little to no success in achieving personal goals.
3. You feel insecure in presenting yourself and communicating with others.
4. You have ambitions, talents or passions, both private and business, and would like to take this to a higher level.
5. You feel that you are stuck in life and do not dare to make new decisions or get out of your comfort zone.

If it’s about success and the man, than we are te right party for you.


How to get the most out of the conversation

The consultation is for every man, and is personal and discrete. The practice room is located in a confidential, homely environment. During the conversation you can ask questions about what you may have been walking around for a while. We therefore recommend that you take all questions with you.

How does the conversation take place?

We will have the conversation trough Skype. The conversation is set to last 45minbut but in most cases it takes a little longer. We will put our best effort in answering  your questions and give a strong advice.


Plan your man to man conversation with us

Send an email to with your name, your questions and your skype address. We will reply with the information you need so we can setup a time and date to have the conversation.



There are costs that we make for this conversation but we have tried to keep the costs as low as we can. Although the costs for a single conversation with advice costs 75EUR. We believe you will be satisfied. If you are not satisfied about the conversation you will get your money back. In all cases if you decide to continue with SFM in a Development Course you will get the 75,- you paid earlier in discount on the new prize.


What you will receive after the conversation

1. Receive your appropriate advice on the basis of our success formula that you can apply immediately.
2. You will receive the e-book “5 steps to succes” written by Guiseppe Cartago.
3. You will receive a no-obligation proposal for a coaching program.