SFM Success formula and forming yourself into the man you are supposed to be

Relationships with people are the most important parts of a man’s life, and therefore they are predominant in human development at SFM. We will map various relationship forms.

To begin with, a love relationship as a starting point. If a man gives all cards out of his hands, he will never achieve a successful relationship. In this form of a relationship it is essential that men dare to take matters into their own hands from time to time. Our success formula is immediately recognizable and applicable for every man.
When it comes to feelings and fears, however, men can also encounter obstacles in business and / or other private relationships. A love relationship again plays an important role as an example in making the right decisions and choices with regard to the use of your own personal success.
That is why the best investment, the investment in yourself and the success you can achieve as a person. The control of your own success will always have to go hand in hand with a certain dose of self-confidence and discipline.


How does the SFM Successformula work

The principle is as follows.
To tap into self-motivation, self-insight, self-reflection, self-control and self-discipline through coaching. Working on overcoming fears to build self-confidence (mainly practice-oriented). Success For Men focuses on self-confidence at all stages and advises the man to achieve his goals.


The three keys to success according to the SFM Succesformula

1. Achievements & Confidence
2. Lovelife & Relationships
3. Styling & Presentation


SFM Synergy

After this stage it is of great importance that the man learns to maintain control over his success with the help of skills such as: awareness, understanding, processing and dealing with his emotions. In the case of improvement, this results in the man consolidating his self-confidence and continuing to grow and develop in an upward spiral.

Success For Men aims for personal success for all men. The Success For Men program aims for self-confidence & personal success.
The first fear lies in not recognizing one’s own shortcomings. The temptation, distraction and fears of our lives constantly keep us from our goals. That is why we strive for self-control and the breaking down of uncertainty and fear.


Remarkable Results

The Success For Men program uses a wide range of methodologies and techniques for all ages to increase personal success by continuously using the 3 keys to success. In principle, it concerns self-confidence in presentation, relationships, performance and business. As a result, the buffer self-confidence will increase as the motivation and focus for objectives become sharper.

Success starts with yourself and everything is possible as long as the basis remains and can take shape.

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