Love & Relationships


Love & Relationships

Good relationships with others go hand in hand with love that you not only have for yourself but also for others. To come to the real love or to find it in life as a supplement it is of great importance to first have love for yourself.


Temptation & Distraction

During the love or a certain phase in relationships, the temptation will be able to provide a great deal of distraction. Especially when this is accompanied by deeper, emotional feelings. To this end, the desire for attention, recognition or sex will not be a daily torment (anymore), so that the man loses his focus on his personal success and growth. A man needs both the torment and the reward for achieving his success and will therefore always have to be in a disposition, in which there is always more demand than supply. In this way, hunger will keep him sharp and ensure that he is focused on his personal success. However, you can not afford to allow your daily thoughts to be scattered unnecessarily. As a man you have to have a certain control over relationships, the desire and attention, so that these things will continue to shape themselves on the basis of your actions.


Women & Achievements

Every man can test himself by simply delivering performance. Achievements with which he surpasses himself and pushes his boundaries to get closer to his own truth, and can continue his way to personal success.

Personal and social achievements provide an increase in self-confidence, motivation and perseverance. Women generally seek their certainty with preference in a self-confident man with ambition. This is their right, since in the end they are just as good as us men, decision-makers.

Women do not just wait with the transition to sex and entering into relationships. In their minds it is always possible that suddenly the man of their dreams comes into the corner. SFM offers you the right handles, so that you are no longer seen as a snack, but as the man of their dreams.


Libido & Psyche

To become a good partner or seducer, some basic knowledge in the field of women (and dealing with women) is necessary. During the Success For Men programs attention is paid to the functioning of the female psyche and the libido.


Women & Relations

The biological masculinity gives us the feeling that we do not have a solid relationship. Because fixed relationships give us the feeling that we lose freedom of movement and space to react assertively in the moment. And that we as men are not fully capable of sharing our potential with the potential that we experience in our minds. Relationships are binding as long as the husband actually binds to these relationships and, due to insecurity, is mentally limited to greater potential. If the potency of the man manifests itself in the form in which he forms the relationships, relationships will shape his actions.