Principles SFM men take in hight regards. These are the beginning principles.  As the Alliance will grow the list will become longer and eventually will become a hanbbook of groundrules for the SFM men and all other men who are interest in it.


  1. The SFM men always has sex whenever he wants.
  2. The SFM man always tries to have 2 or more chickens in his cage.
  3. The SFM man chooses for that which makes the difference.
  4. The SFM men applies his skills both to women and men. They are both equal.
  5. The SFM men is not rich or poor but has ambition.
  6. The SFM men fights his battles alone.
  7. The SFM man lives off the hunt and will die there.
  8. The SFM man believes in himself and those who also believe in themselves.
  9. The SFM man never falls in love first.
  10. The SFM man sees a relationship as a business deal with options for caring trust and all that will follow.
  11. The SFM man knows that; who can hunt is never without food. He will never sell his teeth.