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My name is GC. I went to hell and back with women about topics in sex and relationships. Due to everything that happened with them I am the man I am today. If all was perfect as I would had dreamed of than the right women would have walked in my life when I needed her the most!  But sadly that never happened.  when I needed women the most they were not interested. And when needed them no more they were standing in line. That leaves me with one conclusion. You can GET whatever you want if you work for it. But you can’t decide when and how you will feel.

  • Trust in building confidence with women.
  • Bring them in your game.
  • Take control. Keep it. No more begging for sex.


So you saying you never asked a female co worker or family member to understand Women . Any man can get some booty from a one night stand, but can you keep a long lasting relationship? Most men get dump just as much as men cheat on women. No wonder the divorce rate in America is high as hell.


How many times did you get booty for a night? There is 365 days in a year. Men need 3 times a week sex for optimal life (at least I do and I prefer different women from time to time). Otherwise you are better without sex and even better without seeing women . It’s all distraction showing tits.. no sex.. get’s you fucked up in the mind, losing control of your own game achieving nothing in life. It’s all about keeping your focus. Long lasting relationships are in the benefit of women. seriously. Women want kids, need support.. et etc..When women leave men.. it’s simple. The guys don’t invest in them anymore, these guys don;t understand. These women think it’s all about them until you are confident enough to put them on their spot!! And that’s totally not a romantic women story!! Everlasting love.. damn what a hoax. Biggest Hoax. You know what women keep in place? A strong sex game. When your sex game is powerful damn they even pay your car. Seriously. They are nuts. When your sex game… something they will never invest in.. you getting a strong sex game. That’s why you have to capture and ump them. invest in it.. seriously.. pay outs will come. This world is about money, sex and power and women are attracted to all of that.That’s what it”s all about. Women always want something in return, they have their game.. it’s ok they start their game at age 11.. Is tarted late.. 21.. I was still a virgin.. but seriously.. it became my lifestyle after being destroyed by a girl 16 years who manipulated me with sex… always.. for what? Their love? You mean sex. Get it straight. Biggest market in the world. Ever wondered why? I changed my game after my second girlfriend, 5 year relationship, 5 years of sacrifice so she could graduate, so she could go on holiday.. watch movies with me.. I was just entertaining her.. all about her.. seriously… She made me belief I was bad in bed I started to belief my cock had to be bigger, crazy man.. nobody to talk to. I wasn’t good enough. I felt terrible. I felt old. But I was inexperienced and she kept me inexperienced with her female emotions, it blocked me from becoming a REAL MAN. I couldn’t satisfy her like an Alpha. the emotional game was to strong for me I fell pity al the time. I barely got out. But than light came in my life, I started building confidence when I got out AFTER 6 YEARS. man..I started to take control with new women.. uglier women but I could learn, grow and test what women really liked instead of what they told me. I started to set terms and get better deals in return of my time and investments and the girls got better each year, prettier.. My company grew, started to make more buck because I got more dominant. I was turned into a doll totally not attractive for other women by my ex I needed to cleanse myself. The only reason I was attractive for other women was that I had a girlfriend and women are attracted to guys with a girl. It’s all about competition. You have to dump women to get more experience with other women right. You can’t have pity when you are a small lion that needs to grow. You need kill. Make kills to become stronger. .. that makes you attractive on the market.. it;s about market value. And guess what.. they don;t want to get dumped and start emotional blackmail.. been there.. survived.. happy that I got out…. seriously.. that;s when life with women for me really started..started killing,.. one by one..i am not gonna brag here.. it’s of no use. Switch over to the alpha game.. it takes years to master but once you master it you will grow each day with women in the right perspective. No more . This story became so long I am gonna put it on my website.