A man can't live without his success.

The life principles for men will never be completed. As I study and read more I will add more principles. i have gained much experience with women and sharing the principles that helped me.

It's not easy to live by this principles but in life choosing the easy way doesn't bring us nowhere.
Living and growing towards these principles will make you more successful and more in control with women when it comes to sex and relationships.
These principles are based on life's truths on all aspect of a men;s life.

Authors: Niccolò Machiavelli, Baltasar Gracián, Robert Greene, Malcom Gladwell, Louann Brizendine, Ramachandran Vilayanur.

The SFM Succesformula states that a man needs sex for stronger motivation. Thus he should not be manipulated by women for this desire. Once a man gets enslaved to his desire and being dependent on sex with women his confidence will decline. A man is better off without the desire of sex if he is not in control of it. The main purpose and use of sex for the men is pure motivation, greater health and balance for men's performance. If not used properly he will get out of balance and thus become enslaved to all that feads his weakness.

Do not believe what women say. It's man VS women. As man have their own beliefs so do women. If you don't take control women will.

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